A quick guide about Barcelona cruise port

A quick guide about Barcelona cruise port


Even though Barcelona, the kinetic capital of Catalonia faces the sea, most visitors choose to fly here. Flying to Barcelona is as straightforward and easy as it gets, but there are still other options to travel to and from Barcelona. 

One of them is by sea. Thanks to its rich maritime past and present, Barcelona, boasts a state-of-the art port, to add to historical mooring spots like Port Vell. Two of its passenger terminals are situated within a couple of meters from the scenic Ramblas, which makes it an easy way to travel to and from Barcelona. 

Symphony of the sea in Barcelona port
Symphony of the Seas in Barcelona

Where do ships moor in Barcelona Port?

Even though Barcelona cruise ship port is one and the same institution, there are two different passenger ferry terminals: because vessels of different sizes need to moor at different locations. 

Larger cruise ships moor at 4 terminals (berths A, B, C, & terminal D) of the Moll Adossat dock, also known as Paracruceros, which is located just 3 km from Las Ramblas, and serviced by a special bus service running from Columbus monument. 

Smaller vessels dock at the 3 terminals of the World Trade Center, situated on the Moll de Barcelona dock.

The World Trade Centre jetties are close to Las Ramblas, lying within a walking distance from the Drassanes metro station.

What is the best way to get to Barcelona Cruise terminal from the airport? 

Even though it is cheaper to get to the Port of Barcelona Cruise Terminals by bus or/and metro, it may be much easier to take a taxi if travelling from the airport. 

Taking a ride from the airport to your Barcelona Pier will set you back just 39 Euros, for up to 4 people with all fees priced in. 

Other options include taking a train to Barcelona’s train station, - Passeig de Gràcia ( a 26 minutes’ ride away from the Airport ), for you to next take a metro to Drassanes, which lies within a walking distance from both Moll Adossat and Moll de Barcelona' port terminals; or taking a port bus, the blue Aerobús; or, alternatively, hopping on Bus 46, both of which will carry you to the bus stops of Plaça Espanya, from where it is best to take a metro to Drassenes, close to the port and the old city, known for its stunning landmarks such as Placa de Catalunya and the Christopher Columbus Monument.

The fourth option is to take an Uber: it is generally cheaper then the fixed-fare, “municipal” taxi, and allows you to save five to ten euros on your trip to the city centre. Also available is a private transfer option.

If you're coming from the airport and want to avoid public transport, you can book your ride from Barcelona aiport to Port

Note that for travellers from airports at Girona or Reus it is best to travel to Barcelona center first, and then take a bus from the Christopher Columbus monument, or walk to World Trade Center from Ramblas.

Also bear in mind that it is best to go from Drassanes to Christopher Columbus Monument to take a free shuttle bus to the ferry is sailing from the Moll Adossat dock. 

View of the WTC of Barcelona
The WTC (World Trade Center) of Barcelona

What is the best way to walk to Port of Barcelona's World Trade Center docks from Drassenes? 

It takes approximately 7 minutes to walk from the Drassanes metro stop to the WTC cruise ship terminals on Moll de Barcelona wharf.

Looking for a short way to walk from Drassenes to the Port of Barcelona's ’s WTC? Nothing is simpler, and the walk will take you just about 7 minutes.

Once you popped out of Drassanes Metro Station, into the Av de les Drassanes, go right towards Barcelona Maritime Museum. After crossing the road, walk alongside the museum; cross Passeig de Josep Carner at the pedestrian crossing; then continue towards the Plaça de Les Drassanes roundabout.

Then past the Onades monument, sitting right past the Customs’ building, and towards Torre Sant Jaume and the World Trade Center. Cross the pedestrian crossing and walk straight ahead past the F1 ferry terminal and along the Moll de Barcelona wharf to the new cruise terminal jetties.

What is the best way to travel to Palacruceros from Drassenes?

For you to get to Palacruceros, also known as Moll Adossat terminals, from Drassenes, you need to follow the signs and exit the underground at Sortida Portal de Sta Madrona. Make your way to Torre Colon tower: then turn your back on it, and face Barcelona Maritime Museum to your right and La Rambla to your left.

Make your way towards the Maritime Museum and traverse the road. Then turn left and proceed alongside the museum towards Passeig de Josep Carner. It is here that you will see Christopher Columbus Monument, one of the world's most famous maritime explorers.

With the Columbus monument situated to your left, make the road crossing; then go through  the small square next to the old customs building, and make your way towards the harbour, then turn right.

You will see the cruise bus stop next to the customs building. It is from here that you can take your bus to Palacruceros. 

What section of the Barcelona port cruise terminals do I have to take taxi to? 

Have you ever been scared of getting lost on the road? Pinpointing the right airport gate or the pier to board your ferry is crucial for you to make it to your destination. 

Before going to the port of Barcelona, make sure you know the location of your jetty by visiting https://www.portdebarcelona.cat/en/web/port-del-ciudada/consulta-cruceros ; then find the best options to go there. 

You can get a taxi outside both terminals of the Barcelona airport. From here to the jetty, the World Trade Center or Palacruceros, it usually takes 30-45 minutes depending on the traffic, with a taxi ride setting you back 39 euros, while an Uber taxi fare is 30-35 euros. 

Can you buy ferry and cruise tickets at the Barcelona cruise ships port or do I have to book in advance?

Most ferry tickets to and from the port of Barcelona don’t sell out. Yet it still might be wise to book a couple of months in advance. Like this you can avoid stress and the rush of the terminal's ticket office. 

How far in advance do you have to show at the Port of Barcelona to make your ferry? 

In Barcelona, you must be present at the embark (check-in) at least 2 hours before the departure. Although, some variations may exist depending on the cruise line. Also, note that it is best to withdraw or change money in the downtown or in the airport. 

Where can I travel to from the Port of Barcelona? 

You can travel to all kinds of destinations from the Barcelona cruise port. For example, it is not going around Europe that is on the cards, it is also cruises to all all the globe that are available. 

Most popular destinations from Barcelona cruise port are European though and balearic islands. But regular services to Morocco, also gaining in popularity. 

Dog on a cruise with Balearia
A friendly passenger reading a magazine

Can I travel with pets, or vehicles? 

Note that there are both cruise lines and transport ferries to travel to and from Barcelona. What is more, most cruise lines companies are pets friendly. Just make sure you carry all the necessary papers if you travel with your pet.

Is there a luggage services on a transit in Barcelona?

Bear in mind that luggage storage is possible at terminal 1 (intercontinental flights) of the airport. Or at the train station, Sants Estacio, which is connected to the airport and Plaça de Catalunya). Or, you can also use the services of Bags & Go, situated at Moll Sant Bertran S/N, Terminal Trasmediterranea, Port de Barcelona,08039, Barcelona, España.

On-board wifi on a Balearia's ship
Wifi onboard inside Balearia's cruise ship

Can I use wifi inside the ship?

Many modern ship cruises including the ones staying in Barcelona now offer onboard Wi Fi services to their passengers. This allows guests to stay connected with loved ones back home, keep up with work or simply browse the internet while enjoying their vacation. However, keep in mind that the WiFi services on a ship cruise can vary in speed and coverage depending on the ship's location and the number of passengers using the service at any given time. You can also use wifi while waiting on a terminal.

How far is Reus Airport from Barcelona cruise port ?

Reus Airport is approximately 112 kilometers (70 miles) away from Barcelona Port. The distance can vary depending on the specific route and mode of transportation you choose.